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We stock woodturning lathes to suit most peoples requirements, from mini lathes to Variable speed lathes and beginner lathes.

We also give Free tuition on a Wednesday night, when you purchase a lathe from us. Please ring for details.

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  1. Charnwood Mini Lathe W815

    Charnwood Mini Lathe W815

    Regular Price: £189.00

    Special Price: £169.99

     A high quality mini woodworking lathe ideal for the production of
    smaller pieces or where the workshop size does not allow for a longer

    The bed, headstock and tailstock are all constructed from cast iron to
    give vibration free running but the compact size means the weight is
    still manageable and the lathe can be removed from the bench when not in

    Electronic variable speed control allows the ideal speed to be quickly
    selected for jobs of any diameter. The new cam lock banjo design is even
    easier to use, and when coupled with the new round bar tool rest is a
    winning combination. The tool rest cross bar can be removed from the
    stem to change the length of the cross bar. Compatible with the Robert
    Sorby range of cross bars.

    We also now include a handy storage rack to keep centres, faceplates and service tools in one place and ready to go.

    Supplied with four prong drive centre, revolving tail centre, 150mm
    (6") tool rest cross bar with 12mm diameter stem, 75mm (3") diameter
    faceplate, cable and plug.



    Distance between centres


    Distance over bed


    Motor (carbon brush)



    750 - 3200rpm

    Spindle thread size

    3/4" x 16tpi

    Head and tailstock tapers


    Dimensions (WxDxH)

    690mm x 220mm x 310mm



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  2. Charnwood W880 Lathe

    Charnwood W880 Lathe

    Regular Price: £1,699.00

    Special Price: £1,299.00

    The headstock on this professional level lathe can be positioned anywhere along the bed so that a comfortable position can always be found for any job. The headstock, toolrest and tailstock are all made from cast iron and have cam-locking levers for fast adjustment.
    The lathe is connected to any standard 240volt power supply but an inverter then converts the power to allow a full range of speed control down to 100rpm without losing any torque from the motor.
    A digital display gives an accurate speed reading at all times. A pulley change selects the low or high speed range, low is used for heavier workpieces where more torque is required.
    The versatility of this machine is further increased with the addition of a reverse direction selector, 36 position indexing system and hollow headstock and tailstock suitable for long hole boring.
    A cast iron floorstand ensures vibration free running and brackets are fitted should you wish to attach a storage shelf.

    Supplied with four pronged drive centre 2MT, revolving tail centre 2MT, spindle lock, centre knock out bar, floorstand, 355mm toolrest, 150mm diameter faceplate, cable and plug. Runs on standard 13amp supply.

    Please note: This item is extremely heavy and requires 2 people for assembly.
  3. Charnwood  Variable Speed Midi Lathe W821

    Charnwood Variable Speed Midi Lathe W821

    Regular Price: £299.00

    Special Price: £275.00


    A bench top lathe fitted with electronic variable speed. There are three speed ranges set by changing a drive belt on a pulley. The speed dial is then used to set the desired speed electronically. To ensure you always know what speed the lathe is running at, there is a large digital display showing the current RPM. (mains powered, no batteries required). The bed of the lathe is precision ground cast iron giving 18" between centres and a maximum bowl turning capacity of 12" diameter. The tool rest is a cam-lock design for rapid adjustments with all metal components. The headstock is hollow centred to allow for easy tool removal, the tailstock has automatic centre removal. Supplied with drive and tail centres 1MT, 6" tool rest, 3" faceplate, cable and plug. Specification: Distance between centres: 430mm (18"), Distance Over Bed: 300mm (12"), Motor (Carbon Brush) 550w, Speed ranges (rpm) Low (650-1450), Med (1250-2800), High (1600-3800), Spindle Thread Size: 3/4" x 16tpi, Dimensions: (WxDxH) 820mm x 260mm x 370mm, Weight: 32kg, Warranty: 12 months.


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  4. Charnwood W813 Woodlathe

    Charnwood W813 Woodlathe

    Regular Price: £439.00

    Special Price: £380.00


    Floorstanding Woodturning Lathe.
    An excellent all rounder which makes a very good first lathe. Although the overall design has not changed for many years we have recently given this lathe a make over and uprated many of the components.

    New 550w (3/4hp) Induction Motor
    New Toolrest Design
    New Easy-Operation Camlock Design
    New Accessories Holder
    12" Bowl Turning Capacity
    36" Spindle Turning Capacity
    Mechanical Variable Speed
    Digital RPM Speed Display
    Hollow Head & Tail Stocks
    Rotating Headstock for 18" Bowls
    Sturdy Floorstand with Shelf Included

    Cast iron construction, precision machining and great value for money are the key features of this woodturning lathe.
    This new version has an upgraded, more powerful, induction motor and a digital speed readout to accurately display the rpm speed of the spindle.

    Spindles of up to 12" diameter and 36" in length can be precisely turned over the bed using the cam-lock sliding toolrest. The sliding tail stock also uses a cam-lock for quick adjustments. The rotating headstock design allows for larger diameter work, such as bowl turning, of up to 18" in diameter, to be turned over the front of the machine. Obtaining the correct speed for cutting is no problem with the variable speed controller with 10 locator stops, which operates at the turn of a lever. When using the headstock rotated to the front, the extendable toolrest can be positioned on the left hand side using the extension bed supplied.

    Supplied with hollow headstock and tailstock suitable for long hole boring, floorstand, NVR switch, 225mm long toolrest with 25mm shank, 4 prong drive centre 1MT, revolving tail centre 1MT, 6" diameter faceplate, knock out bar, cable and plug.

    The optional wheelbase is an excellent addition for anybody who needs to move this lathe around the workshop. Learn More
  5. Jet JWL-1221VS Woodlathe

    Jet JWL-1221VS Woodlathe


    NOW WITH FREE CARRIAGE TO UK MAINLAND, SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS EMAIL FIRST. The Jet JWL1221VS is different to every other lathe in the Jet range. The whole lathe has been designed to make the woodturning experience better by focusing on control.As with all other JET lathes, this one is made from cast iron, but the bed width is much wider than is usually found on machines of this size. This gives great support to the tool rest holder, which also stays exactly where you clamp it even under the heaviest loads. The spindle is supported by heavy duty bearings and is quietly driven by a 745W DC motor via a 6 groove belt system. All of the motor controls are very conveniently located together; the speed control, spindle speed digital readout and forward/reverse selector all come naturally to hand. The tall, rigid tailstock has an ACME barrel lead screw with 64mm of travel, the barrel and headstock spindles have 2MT tapers. Camlocks on both tailstock and toolrest holder allow easy positioning just where you want them. To help keep things tidy there are tool and cable storage fittings on the bed, keeping those essential tools within easy reach. Although this is a great bench top lathe, with the optional extension bed and matching lathe and bed stands you can expand this lathe into a floor standing machine with over 1,000mm between centres. The lathe stand has a built-in storage tray plus wide feet for stability, whilst the bed extension is an exact match to the lathe bed, giving a completely integrated look to whole machine. This is without doubt a very fine small lathe.

    Thread size M33 x 3.5

    Warranty: Electrical 1 Year

    Mechanical, 2 Years

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  6. Jet JWL-1014 Mini Lathe

    Jet JWL-1014 Mini Lathe

    Regular Price: £299.94

    Special Price: £239.00


    A heavy duty cast iron lathe bed ensures stability and minimises vibration. The cast iron headstock and tailstock provide rigidity, strength and will give years of trouble-free operation. The tailstock is hollow with a 9mm bore for long hole boring. Quick release levers allow for easy and accurate positioning of both the tool rest and the tailstock. The 500W motor is suitable for continuous operation with available spindle speeds of 400,700,1000,1500, 2200 and 3300rpm for turning a wide variety of diameters. A convenient adjustment handle tilts the motor for fast speed changes. Four solid rubber feet help eliminate vibration and movement while in use. The tailstock is provided with a live centre and the barrel has a full 50mm of travel .Standard equipment includes:• 150mm tool rest• Live centre• 75mm faceplate• Safety goggles• 2 prong drive centre• Thread adaptor M33 x 3.5mm

    N.B. The distance between centres will vary and be dependent on the type of centres or accessories used.
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  7. Jet JWL-1642 Wood Lathe

    Jet JWL-1642 Wood Lathe


    Built to a high standard and capable of taking a 400mm(16") diameter bowl and a bed long enough to turn a 1,060mm(42") long spindle. All the major castings are thick section cast iron which gives a very solid feel to the lathe and should guarantee vibration-free running. Power is provided by a 1,100W motor driving the spindle through a choice of two pairs of pulleys and controlled by a variable speed controller situated at the rear of the headstock. The low speed range gives plenty of torque for the big turning jobs whilst the high speed range gives the speed necessary for smaller components and for finishing. The front panel of the headstock, as well as housing the speed control knob, has a rpm indicator, a safety on/off knob, a reversing switch and the access panel for changing the belt position. Other features are the swivelling, lockable chuck guard, tool basket under the bed, provision for mounting a shelf on the stand, indexing facility and spring loaded shaft lock. Comes complete with four prong drive centre, revolving tail centre, 350mm toolrest, 150mm faceplate, indexing pin, centre knockout bar and comprehensive operating manual.


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  8. Record DML305 Lathe

    Record DML305 Lathe


     Cast Iron Midi lathe, the bed is made of finely ground cast iron for weight and rigidity and is fitted with cam locking toolrest
    that clamps easily and solidly to the bed in a one handed operation. The machine comes with 393mm between centres but optional bed extensions can be added to increase this capacity.

    The swing over the bed is 305mm and the motor 1/2hp providing ample power for the capacities of the lathe. The spindle has
    a 3/4 x 16tpi thread to ensure a wide range of accessories can be fitted and the whole machine is well finished with polished
    handles, a spindle lock with 12 point indexing and graduated markings on the tailstock barrel.
    Comes with a Revolving Centre and 4-Pronged Drive Centre. There is even a tool tray attached to the headstock to keep essential items close to hand. Many of these features are normally
    only found on expensive professional lathes.

    The machine can be bench mounted or there is a very sturdy and simple fabricated steel legstand available as an optional extra.
    Optional legs can be added if necessary when cast bed extenions are used in conjuction with the stand.

    Specifications: Max between centres: 393mm (15"), Max bowl diameter: 305mm (12"), Spindle speeds: 350,670,1025,1500,
    2225, 3250rpm, Motor: 1/2hp, Size: H455 x L1030 x D280mm, Weight: 39kg (58.5kg with stand), Thread 3/4" x 16tpi, Taper: 1MT.
    Key Features: Solid cast iron bed. Spindle lock and 12 point indexing. Cam lock toolrest. Bench mountable. Legstand available.
    Extendable bed.
  9. Record DML305VS

    Record DML305VS


    The DML305-VS cast iron lathe represents a new benchmark in high quality midi lathes and is perfect for the user with minimal space or as a second lathe for demonstrations and shows. The bed is made of finely ground cast iron for weight and rigidity and fitted with cam locking toolrests that clamp easily and solidly to the bed with one handed operation. It gives 393mm between centres as standard and optional bed extensions can be added to increase this capacity. The swing over the bed is 305mm and the 1/2hp motor provides plenty of power for the capacity of the machine. The spindle is 3/4” x 16tpi thread to ensure a wide range of Record Power accessories can be fitted. The lathe is extremely well finished with polished metal handles, spindle lock with indexing and graduated markings on the tailstock barrel. Many of these features are normally only found on expensive professional lathes. The DML305-VS features high quality full electronic variable speed control. This system should not be confused with cheap and simple rheostat versions which have poor torque and can cause overheating of the motor. The DML305-VS uses a three phase motor and inverter system, similar to that used in the CL4. The high quality inverter converts the single phase supply to three phase, enabling smooth and stepless control through a wide range of speeds. This is an industrially proven method and provides the low end torque that is so essential to the woodturner but is sadly lacking in so many poorer quality alternatives.


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  10. Record DML36SH

    Record DML36SH


     A truly intermediate lathe with a 36" between centres and a swivel headstock to increase bowl capacity
    Newly upgraded, the DML36SH extends the versatility of the evergreen DML24X to become a truly intermediate lathe by adding a swivel headstock to increase bowl capacity. This new CAM model features cam lock handles on the toolrest and tail stock. This lathe is perfect either for the starter who wants a machine that will grow with their skills, allowing them to develop without being restricted by the machines capabilities, or for the intermediate turner who is ready to upgrade their machine from some of the poorer quality cheap imports.
    Please note for illustration purposes the DML36SH is shown fitted with optional extras: DML24S legstand, DMLBR end bracket, CWA180 tubular bowl rest, and RP4000 chuck, these are not included in the standard product.

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